Friday, November 27, 2009

Self timer works fine

Those are some of the stuffs santa has given me.
(santa owes me money for those)All clothings are from club marc's sale!
so darlings, what do you think?
& wish me luck for the interview tomorrow!


  1. love your second outfit. reminds me abit of the tee i saw that was going at TEN BUCKS. I HAD NO MONEY ZZZ. CN!

  2. Hahahas.
    club marc is having a sale! hurry go buy it. I love the tie dyes la. You'll have money since you're working now. haha :D

  3. i just bought the tee today HAHA. i shall wear it when we go escape lmao. CN

  4. okays. hahahas! I wanna see your tee!